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On 30 October, US President Joe Biden’s administration has recently issued an executive order. The respective order establishes the latest standards to ensure the security and safety of the entire sector of artificial intelligence (AI) and the parties engaged with it. As per the administration, the respective executive order takes into account the former actions. These measures include the leading fifteen firms’ commitments to AI safety.

Biden Administration’s New Executive Order Prioritizes Principles for AI Safety

The unique standards deal with 6 chief points related to the AI world. In addition to this, they also focus on the strategy for the just utilization of this technology. In this way, the new standards permit the use of AI by the government.

Moreover, they also touch on the privacy practices that the residents perform. Another significant point that these standards pay attention to is the protection of the privacy of the clients.

The 1st standard pushes the top resilient AI system developers to share the results of the safety test. Along with this, the developers have another responsibility to share crucial information with the authorities. Further, the National Institute of Standards and Technology intends to establish standardized tests and tools. They will guarantee the trustworthiness, security, and safety of the AI.

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Apart from that, the administration also has an objective to shield people against the hazards of utilizing artificial intelligence. As a result of this, they will attempt to engineer the risky biological materials via the latest screening standards. One of the standards deals with the protection from deception and fraud that is backed by artificial intelligence.

The Administration Intends to Advance Cybersecurity-Related Endeavors

The administration brought to the front that the finest practices concerning the detection of AI-generated content. As per it, these operations will witness implementation parallel to the establishment of the authentication of the original content.

Furthermore, the Biden administration has a strategy to advance the currently progressing AI Cyber Challenge of the administration. The declaration of that project emerged in August 2023.

The authorities emphasize doing this by improving a cybersecurity project for the development of AI-related instruments. The respective tools would assist in the detection as well as the solution of the vulnerabilities in the crucial software. Ultimately, the administration issued the order for the establishment of a security memorandum at the national level. The respective endeavor would further direct the measures concerning AI security.

The order additionally discussed the AI-related risks in dealing with consumer privacy. In this respect, the order noted that the privacy of American citizens would experience additional risks. According to the administration, AI provides convenience in the extraction, identification, as well as exploitation of the users’ private data.

Furthermore, it added, this also increases the incentives related to such operations. One reason is that the entities utilize the data for the training of their AI systems. Keeping this in view, Biden officially requested Congress for the approval of the bipartisan bill for data privacy.

US Authorities Also Focus on Improving Civil and Equity Rights in the Case of AI

The US officials also intend to make endeavors to advance civil and equity rights in the case of AI. Hence, it would benefit clients apart from monitoring the impact of the technology on the job sector. In the end, the order discloses the plans of the administration to engage in the worldwide AI regulations.

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