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Benefits of Seiza and Tangata Manu to Cardano Ecosystem in 2020 –Emurgo Explains

EMURGO, the official commercial and venture arm of the Cardano project had two important projects in 2019 that aided the growth of Cardano ecosystem over the year. According to Emurgo The two products, Seiza and Tangata Manu are still very functional in 2020.

Since the inception of EMURGO, it has striven to perform according to the purpose of its creation. It has indeed developed and delivered as expected for the course of the growth and adoption of the decentralized Cardano network.

Emurgo system development unit led by the CTO Nicolas Arqueros and R&D Engineering Lead, Sebastien Guillemot released Seiza and Tangata Manu, the two important Cardano (ADA) products to the growth and development of Cardano ecosystem.

Deeper Thought into Seiza and Tangata Manu of 2019

Seiza, the Cardano Blockchain Explorer

The development of Seiza, Cardano Blockchain Explorer was announced by Emurgo in April 2019, after which it became fully functional in May 2019.

According to the details from Emurgo, the name Seiza is a derivative of a Japanese word for “constellation”. The name is suitable because the objective of Seiza’s invention is to be a complete comprehensive Cardano blockchain navigation guide for ADA users.

Seiza gives ADA holders access to track every bit of their transactions, coupled with other necessary information in relation to the Cardano blockchain.

This tracking also extends to wallet histories, addresses, block size, stake pools, and other data. Seiza has a big role to play as soon the Cardano’s Shelley Incentivized Testnet is integrated into mainnet this year. According to Emurgo, Seiza will be compatible with displaying real-time information related to Shelley.

The uniqueness of Seiza makes its function goes beyond the aforementioned, but it will as well display the decentralized nature of the network, the overtime evolution of the network, real-time transactions, real-time staking data, and others.

Seiza is also compatible with Yoroi Wallet that came to existence before the Cardano blockchain explorer.

Tangata Manu – An Open Toolbox meant to Impact Cardano (ADA) Ecosystem

The Emurgo’s latest product developed and launched by the Cardano community is Tangada Manu. The product was launched in September 2019.

Tangata Manu is an open-source codebase library. It can be found in Emurgo’s GitHub, which will grant access to third-party developers and enterprises to create their secure light wallets and explorers for Cardano (ADA) on the mobile devices and internet browsers.

Additionally, Tangata Manu is compatible and already working with Shelley. Its compatibility with Shelley indicates its potential impact on the growth of the Cardano ecosystem in 2020.

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