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Crypto personality Ben Armstrong termed the allegations leveled by BJ Investment Holdings as both defamatory and diabolical. He disputes the accusations that are 100% founded on falsehood.

Armstrong made provocative counterclaims, disputing the assertions that he was battling substance abuse. He labeled the accusations of causing financial, physical, and emotional damage entirely false.

Armstrong Confirms Negative Results Following Five-Panel Drug Test

Armstrong indicates that the conflict started by BJ Investment Holdings, the firm behind Hit Network and BitBoy Crypto, was still at the onset. The YouTuber crypto personality responded to the alleged substance abuse through a Tuesday, August 29 post on @JoinBenCoin. He disputed the Monday allegations by posting negative results from a five-panel drug test.

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Armstrong confirms posting the drug test result on Tuesday to dispute the claims he suffers from substance abuse. He added that he would withhold statements regarding the matter. 

Armstrong would later break his silence during a  BenCoin Discord voice call to deny the alleged substance abuse vehemently. He ruled out rumors of him relapsing. 

BitBoy Downplays Substance Abuse Allegations, Clarifies Prescription as Valid 

The YouTube content creator indicated that Justin Williams, alongside Hit Network chief executive TJ Shedd, formulated the account to spread falsehood. He noted that the duo cooked up the plot, unaware he was under phentermine diet pills. He added that close people, including his wife, know since he had a valid prescription to take the weight loss drug.

Armstrong downplayed the claims that he engaged in cocaine, terming the statements as baseless. He disclosed that not a single instance that the company ordered him to take the drug test. Consequently, it would be illogical and factually incorrect as no person confronted him about the matter before his ouster.

Armstrong leveraged the elaborate voice call, restating he is free of steroids, testosterone, and Dianabol.    

Armstrong submitted that BitBoy Crypto targets kicked him out of the company he helped establish. He revealed that the removal of his name from the Hit Network’s offices arose owing to the bad credit from past encounters. However, he termed the alleged behavior instance and diabolical.

A high-ranking Hit Network executive privy to the issues clarified that the statement did not refer to hard drug abuse. Instead, the allegations intended to indicate the consumption of a cocktail comprising several substances. The cocktail is gradually impairing his judgment. 

Armstrong indicated in the Discord call that he never exercised physical violence against his coworkers. However, he admits threatening Shedd once. 

Armstrong Upset by Shedd Efforts to Strip Brand

Armstrong explained that he threatened Shedd upon discovering that the chief executive had planned to take over everything associated with the brand he helped establish. He indicated that it was abnormal for him to watch as TJ stripped everything from him.

The Hit Network supported the allegations that he threatened Shedd alongside other individuals. Besides, physical confrontations occurred. 

Hit Network has witnessed conflict for many months. During the Tuesday call, Armstong indicated that the employees disclosed additional measures implemented to win their support. An employee familiar with the issues dismissed the allegations by Armstrong.

Armstrong Considers Shedd as Plunging BitBoy Crypto into Unfeasible Path

The content creator restated that the company’s operations would fail without his involvement. He added that the company would struggle to earn without his involvement. He observed that significant sponsors were already exiting and terminating their deals. 

The continued loss of sponsors leaves the company without an abundance of choices. He warned that the situation would test extreme dirt before the situation gets better.

The anonymous Hit Network employee termed Armstrong as advancing false claims that BitBoy Crypto has suffered lost sponsorship. The employee indicated the claims of losing all sponsors as laughably false. Instead, the employee hinted that the company was mulling to file a lawsuit in the future.

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