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Covid-19 is definitely a threatening aspect of our time, and to tackle it, vaccination is a must. But even with all the alarming signs out there, people are reluctant to get on with it for their own reasons. That is why many governments are incentivizing people with different gifts, offers and such to lure them into getting vaccinated.

This is true for the USA, Europe, and now Australia, as well as an Australian Entrepreneur who has come forward offering people Bitcoin if they get themselves vaccinated right now. The Australian entrepreneur with a calculated net worth of around $180M is willing to give every local Bitcoin worth AU$5 if they get themselves vaccinated. Fred Schebesta, the Australian entrepreneur, is extremely worried about the current reluctance found in the locals against the COVID-19 vaccine.

Fred says that his offer is available to both already vaccinated and to those who are willing to get vaccinated in the future. The idea might sound a little crazy or off the charts to some, but it might actually work; why? Because people will easily get tricked into believing that they are going to receive Bitcoin without giving any thought to the exact amount of it and will already be signing up to receive their dose of vaccination.

Australian Entrepreneur has Employed Psychological Trick

This is a neat little psychological trick used by advertisers and commercialists over the years into tricking the commonwealth into buying their products and services even if they don’t want them. Simply not having any clue about the volume of Bitcoin or the actual worth of this package which they will receive once vaccinated, will get more and more people to seek the idea of getting vaccinated. Fred has co-founded Finder, which is a financial comparison website, and in doing so, has amassed a fortune which he is more than happy to share with the vaccinated bunch.

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He did reveal his current plan to Kyle Sandilands, who is a radio host. Kyle did run this thing in bold headlines, and there was even a song about this last month, ‘Get Vaxxed Baby’, which went viral in various circles. If this thing actually takes flight in Australia, then possibly enough other nations or countries will be using the same approach with some kind of incentive to get people vaccinated for good.

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