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Ark Capitals is an online trading platform that we are reviewing for you today, our expert writers have gone over each and every aspect of the trading platform in this Ark Capitals review for you now in order to help you decide if you want to sign up with them or not. Is Ark Capitals a scam or is it legit? Find out in the full review below or go to the Ark Capitals website in the following link.

Ark Capitals Review

Ark Capitals |

If we stop for a while and look at the past, we will find that trading was never as easy and simple as it is today. It was considered a tough full-time job, not a child’s play. People were so reluctant that they used to think of it as a business for the upper class. Luckily, the mindset has changed now. People nowadays consider it as an opportunity to earn money. This has been made possible by the introduction of online trading. Now there are hundreds of such platforms available for everyone. These platforms help to enhance and elevate the trading experience.

Trading platforms are part and parcel of the trading world. They are vital because trading is not possible without the services of a broker. Trading platforms provide the services of the brokerage; hence they are the brokers of our modern world. But it is extremely difficult to find a legitimate and trustworthy online broker. But no worries, in this review, you will find one of the best online trading platforms which are legitimate, genuine, and trustworthy at the same time. It is none other than Ark Capitals.

When you enter the financial market, you have plenty of doubts in your mind and a desperate question, “whom should I trust?” You will find some brokerages who will talk big and will seem like they can provide all the services but will not feel reliable. Some will feel the opposite of this. It means that you will have to find a brokerage platform that can provide good services being reliable as well.

Ark Capitals is one of the best brokers for your business because of its features and policies. Thorough research and customers’ reviews have made Ark Capitals one of the most reliable options in the market right now. At the moment, it is on the list of top trending platforms for cryptocurrency.

Ark Capitals |
Ark Capitals |

Simple and unconditional registration process

For beginners, every step is difficult when they start trading. After the selection of an online trading platform, the very first step is registration. Being a customer-friendly platform, Ark Capitals cares about its customers on a priority basis.

Unlike other online brokers who have lengthy registration forms, Ark Capitals only asks for your basic details. It saves time as well as relaxes the mind of the customer. On top of that, it doesn’t force the traders to deposit a hefty sign-up amount. It provides an opportunity, to begin with, a small amount. If you don’t have an amount in millions, then you are at the right place because Ark Capitals offers different types of accounts for its different types of customers. Silver and Gold accounts are for beginners, while platinum and diamond accounts are for professionals and experienced traders. There is a fifth type of account as well, which is custom-made for elite traders.

Account types

Ark Capitals offers different types of accounts according to the depth of their pockets. These accounts have different features which are designed according to the needs of customers. Every account offers some unique features along with the basic features which remain the same in all types of accounts.

  • Silver account

The most basic account available on the platform of Ark Capitals is a silver account. It includes basic features such as customer support service, which is available 24/6. It requires seven days for withdrawal approval. New users also receive a welcome credit of 20% of their deposited amount. The deposit amount needed for the silver account is 10,000 to 20,000 Euros.

  • Gold account

Along with the basic features of customer support and seven days for withdrawal approval, the gold account offers a weekly managed session. Welcome credit in gold is doubled to 40%. The monthly exposure limit also increases to 50,000 dollars.

  • Platinum account

To sign up for a platinum account, you need to deposit at least one hundred thousand pounds net cash. Withdrawal approval will be in just three business days. The welcome amount is tripled from the basic account, which reaches 60%. In addition to these, two weekly sessions are also available.

  • Diamond account

You can own a diamond account by depositing 200,000 to 500,000 Euros. It grants leverage of 1:100 along with just two days for withdrawal approval. The monthly exposure limit exceeds 750,000 dollars.

  • VIP account

This account is specially designed for elite traders. Funding of a minimum of 500,000 pounds is required to get a VIP account. In this prestigious type of account, your withdrawal will be approved on the same day. Welcome credit limit exceeds a whopping 120%. It also offers seven managed sessions in a week.

Safe payment methods

Online payments are always risky. It is because the system for payments introduced by many platforms is ambiguous. They make this step challenging intentionally. This is why customers do not get a sense of security. Ark Capitals took care of this crucial problem as well. It has developed simple and straightforward strategies so that no misconceptions develop between trader and broker. Most of the crypto trading platforms allow only one or two payment methods. Ark Capitals is different from other trading platforms as it offers multiple options for money deposit and transfer. You can deposit money by using the traditional method of a debit card as well as electronic transfer. In addition, the latest method of e-wallets can also be utilized.

Trading instruments

Ark Capitals trading instruments

Trading is a matter which involves a huge amount of money that is why people select something which offers multiple advantages. But we are sad to inform you that every option in the market is not multifunctional. It is disappointing and heartbreaking to invest in such a platform. But Ark Capitals rescues you from this trouble as well. It is an ideal brokerage firm for those people who want to excel in this field and prosper.

Ark Capitals delivers multiple instruments to its clients on its website. These instruments include indices, stocks, forex, cryptocurrency, and commodities.

  • Indices

Keeping an eye on prices to buy at the right time and then wait for the price to go up, this type of trading is labeled as indices. So in simple words, making use and taking advantage of price movements is called Indices. This trading instrument is available on the platform of Ark Capitals, and you can access it if you are interested in this trading product.

  • Stocks

Buying and selling shares of public companies is termed stocks. When you buy a stock, it means you own a piece of that company. You can buy stocks with the help of your sooner to become your favorite broker, Ark Capitals. This broker offers suitable conditions for buying different stocks.

  • Forex

Forex means foreign exchange. Exchanging one currency with another is called forex. It is the largest and highly profitable trade but at the same time risky trading of assets. You can also find this trading instrument on the platform of this brokerage firm. There are a lot of famous currency pairs listed on its trading platform.

  • Cryptocurrency

The most up-to-date product available for trading is a digital currency, also known as cryptocurrency. There is no other product as advanced as cryptocurrency. It has provided more than 200% profit to traders. Trading in cryptocurrencies provides the biggest advantage, which is the number of options and choices it gives. Although some people only know about Bitcoin so far, there are thousands of other cryptocurrencies as well, which are making a very good profit. These are Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, and Tether. You can trade in any of these digital coins on Ark Capitals. There are many firms that allow you to trade in forex and stocks, but only a few allow you to trade in cryptocurrency. Ark Capitals not only allows you to trade in crypto but also helps the clients to make a big profit.

  • Commodities

Ark Capitals also allows its clients to trade in commodities such as oil, gold, silver, metals, and food items. Oil, food, and gold are traditional trading items that involve less risk of loss.

Marvelous learning center

Brokers worldwide help their clients in trading, but they do not teach anything to their customers. If they do so, then there is a probability that he will become able to trade on his own. That is why brokers keep their tricks and secrets to themselves. Ark Capitals, on the other hand, is of its kind a broker which educates its customers. The learning center of the platform contains the best syllabi, especially for beginners. For those who are fond of learning by reading books, there are plenty of e-books available on the Ark Capitals website.

There are some people who find orthodox learning (reading) difficult. They can learn from the extensive video course available on the site. The opinions shared by experts in the video series help the traders to enhance their knowledge which makes them able to grasp the tricks of the trading market.

Apart from e-books and videos, there is a third option as well in the store for clients. The third option is a webinar. It is just like a seminar, but the only difference is that it is online. Physical presence is not required. You can ask questions from experts about your confusion. To sum up, being a part of the Ark Capitals community, you will have access to heaps of knowledge in the form of electronic books, webinars, and video courses.

Additional help 

When newcomers reach a trading platform, the question which continuously revolves in their minds is how to earn money without knowing about the crucial factors of the trading world. Ark Capitals provides the answer to this question to its clients. The answer lies there in the form of some features which enhance traders’ capabilities.

The first feature of this category is known as Trading Signals. This feature will be available to you right after signing up for the website. When a trader is not sure to make a decision whether to buy or sell an asset, trading signals help you to make a decision.

Another important feature provided by Ark Capitals is price alerts. The name itself clarifies the function of this feature. This feature shows a notification when the price of your assets changes. In this way, the prices of assets remain under the watchful eye of the trader. You are made aware when the price goes up so that you can take full advantage from the hike at the right time.

The third important feature provided by Ark Capitals is that your account will be under the supervision of the firm’s highly experienced persons. Whenever you feel stuck or confused, they will be one click away to help you. Some platforms provide this feature to high-end accounts only, but Ark Capitals provides this feature to all types of accounts. All these features show how much the firm cares about its clients.

Customer support

Every online broker out there brags about its customer service, but when they are contacted by the customer, they don’t even respond. Ark Capitals is a versatile brokerage platform that has left no stone unturned to help its clients. The fact which makes it a user-friendly platform is that along with so many advanced features. It also furnishes its clients with a fully responsive customer support service. It doesn’t leave its clients on their own at any stage. Their call center agents and email support executives are at your service 24/6. They have kept this simply because they care about their customers and don’t want to entangle them in sophisticated procedures. This is the reason which has made them the most-liked and trusted platform. Their phone numbers and email address is listed on their website.

Security measures

Traders always give precedence to the safety of their money and personal data. Data theft or financial loss can prove fatal for a trader’s career. All companies are making efforts to make their functioning online. With the increase in online trading, the ratio of cybercrimes has also increased. This is the reason that traders think twice before selecting an online brokerage platform. Thankfully, Ark Capitals provides the best and latest security measures for the sake of customers’ money and information.

Ark Capitals encrypts the data, which becomes extremely difficult to decode. It is done with the help of SSL. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layers, which keeps the data safe. In addition to SSL, the platform uses two different policies, which are KYC and AML. KYC knows your customer while AML is anti-money laundering. Ark Capitals uses this policy to eliminate the risk of terrorist financing. They ask for proof of bank statement in order to sign up for the website. They also ask for photos of my passport, driving license, and other documents.

All the upper given policies ensure that Ark Capitals does not support any kind of illegal activity on its platform. These procedures minimize the risk of data theft which ultimately results in the satisfaction of traders.

Last but not least, the broker also uses segregated accounts to keep the trader’s money safe. The broker keeps his personal accounts separate from clients’ accounts to avoid discrepancies.

Variation in trading plans

Brokers reduce the flexibility in trading to minimums in order to keep the reins in their own hands. Ark Capitals is completely different in this regard as it gives its clients the freedom to make decisions on their own. This freedom is necessary because there are many types of clients. In fact, every client is different from other clients. New clients need help, but experienced traders are well aware of market sentiments that is why they prefer to make decisions on their own. Ark Capitals has developed a flexible platform that suits every type of customer. Ark Capitals provides five different types of trading plans which are already discussed in detail.

A platform for all

A trading platform is of vital worth for a trader because his future in the trading world depends on his broker. A broker is responsible for providing accurate statistics and leverages for trade. If the trader selects the wrong broker, it means that he has put himself and his business at stake.

We live in a fast-paced world where traveling is necessary for traders. A trader may possess everything of the world, but still, he lacks one thing, time. Time is precious as a diamond for traders. A trader cannot afford to sit all day in front of his desktop computer. Ark Capitals is the ultimate solution because it has developed a web-based platform that can be operated from any type of mobile or laptop. All you need is a device with a working internet connection, and you can earn money and multiply it with your favorite number.

Final verdict

You might be new with a beginner’s knowledge, but I have invested a lot of time in this investigation. I did this research so that I may be able to help other people to find a secure and reliable broker. Now I have no doubt in saying that with so many amazing features and policies, Ark Capitals is one of the best trading platforms. If you want to prosper in this field, then choose Ark Capitals without any hesitation.

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