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Aragon confirmed launching the namesake application and OSx protocol on the newly launched Coinbase blockchain Base to help the decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). As one of the pioneer open-source frameworks to launch DAOs, the Aragon application will facilitate them to get off without the developer’s expertise.

The growth executive at Aragon, Anthony Leutenegger, indicated that the firm is launching a pair of DAO-developer tools. The tools include the Aragon OSx protocol and Aragon App on the Coinbase network base. He added that the tools would create extremely high potential to onboard more users on the Aragon chain. 

Aragon Unveiling Developer Tools on Coinbase’s Base

Leutenegger indicated that deploying the developer tools would allow DAO to unveil in one of the most massive ecosystems ever launched within crypto space. Base involves an Ethereum Layer-2 network-based platform unveiled on August 9. It would quickly attract millions of users from parties bridging their tokens to the new environment. The platform is set for incubation within the Coinbase. Nonetheless, Coinbase projects the Base to ultimately become progressively decentralized.

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Leutenegger disclosed that the tools would enable users to establish their DAOs, manage funds flow onto the network, and facilitate decentralization. The entities, common within the decentralized finance (DeFi), will help members to vote on the funding decisions and the project’s direction. 

Aragon’s Accelerator Tools to Minimize DAO Development Barriers

Leutenegger indicated that operating DAO today would mandate the users to assume the developer’s role to ensure its proper running. The tools Aragon is unveiling on Coinbase utilize unique designs to lower the barriers, such as the code amount required to manage a DAO.

Minimizing the barriers would enable the DAO operator to run the entity without needing the developer. Leutenegger considers the unveiling a massive breakthrough for the users to realize on-chain onboarding. 

Leutenegger admitted that Aragon tools would eliminate the primary challenge confronted when creating a decentralized network: aligning all parties’ incentives. Aragon has, in the recent past, suffered multiple hiccups in its decentralization journey, having postponed its unveiling in May.

Aragon suffered a 51% attack on the ANT governance token. The attack occurred when Aragon edged closer to passing more governance power over the $200 million treasury to the token holders.

Did Aragon Contemplate Sale to Undisclosed Buyer?

A report published by the digital assets trader Patagon Management LLC indicated that the challenges prompted Aragon to contemplate a sale to an undisclosed bidder. The trading firm considered the experience a financial misstep and banned investors who felt frustrated by the decentralization plans.

Patagon’s chief executive Diogenes Casares indicated the report does not portray Aragon’s current beliefs. The August 10 post indicated that the report would be nowhere near final. The executive indicated that the report sections concerning Aragon’s incorporation status were incorrect and false. 

Leutenegger admitted that the Aragon Association formulating the project is a Switzerland. He was noncommittal on the report’s allegations. However, he indicated that Aragon chose the pursue product development. 

Leutenegger admitted that Aragon had facilitated the launching of ADO exceeding 1500 in the past two months. He restated that Aragon is sustaining the applications development to allow the DAOs interactions with other applications. 

Aragon is setting the pace for other applications as they lack similar technical expertise. As such, Aragon applications will shape the DAOs development supported by the Base network.  

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