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This comes out as a bit of disturbing news where the actor Bill Murray seems to have lost about $185K in Ether when he initiated the sale of some of the NFTs from his personal NFT collection. It isn’t like he misplaced the password to his wallet and, as a cause, lost his money, it is the result of a more distressing activity that has been haunting the crypto market for years now, and it is hacking.

A recent hack on the personal crypto wallet of the actor Bill Murray rids the Hollywood star of about $185K in Ether collected by selling some of his NFTs from his personal NFT collection.

It was confirmed by his team that the hack originated in the later hours of the night, and as soon as it did, the whole thing was reported to the authorities so that a more plausible action could be constructed against the culprits.

Furthermore, it was made clear by his team that there were a lot more NFTs that Bill had set up to sell in the coming weeks, given the fact that the first sale of his NFTs was a success, which was apart from the disappointing hack that rid the good actor of his hard-earned money.

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Hacker Moved All Tokens to his Personal Wallet on Coinbase

The team also confirmed that they engaged with Chainalysis in the next 10 minutes of the hack to have a further and more deeply nested insight into the working of this hack and how it has affected Bill Murray but more promptly what happened with the funds and how did the hacker gained access to the personal wallet of Bill.

It was found that the hacker had been poking at the wallet since September 1st, trying to gain access to his personal collection of more than 800 NFTs, and the whole plan was foiled by the security team of Bill Murray.

Alas, they couldn’t see a more obvious trail of the hacker gaining access to his personal wallet. According to the research, more than 119.2 Ether tokens have been compromised, and the funds have been moved to a crypto wallet that rests on the Coinbase address.

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