A Step-by-Step Guide to Adding Fantom to MetaMask
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For years, many have known MetaMask as an Ethereum-only wallet. However, the crypto wallet is now compatible with multiple blockchains such as Fantom. Keep reading this guide to learn how to add Fantom to MetaMask.

Can You Use MetaMask to Explore the Fantom Ecosystem?

Being an EVM-compatible blockchain, Fantom can be added to MetaMask, making it possible for users to explore the various decentralized apps built on the network.

Since Fantom supports Ethereum’s EVM, Ethereum developers can transfer their apps to Fantom without altering smart contracts. Several dApps already live on the Fantom blockchain, and that is evidenced by the growing total value locked ($81.3 million).

A Guide to Adding Fantom to the MetaMask Wallet

MetaMask has a mobile application that runs on both Android and iOS systems, along with a browser extension that is supported by Chrome, Edge, Brave, and Firefox. For the purposes of this guide, we will use MetaMask’s browser extension to show you how to add Fantom to the wallet. Here are the steps to follow:

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Install the MetaMask Wallet to Your Preferred Browser

You can use any of the browsers mentioned above to install MetaMask. But where do you download the wallet’s browser extension? We recommend downloading it from metamask.io, which is the official website of MetaMask. Do not download the extension from an external source because it could be a scam.

After you have successfully installed MetaMask, click “Get Started.” The wallet will ask you whether you want to import an existing wallet or create a new one. In this article, we’ll opt for the latter.

You will now be required to enter a password. Make sure you submit a strong password to enhance the security of your wallet. Next, note down the generated seed phrase and enter it on the page that follows. After that, keep the phrase safe because you will need it when you lose your password.

Immediately you access your MetaMask wallet, you will notice that it automatically connects to the Ethereum Mainnet.

Add Fantom Network

To add Fantom to the MetaMask wallet, simply click the Ethereum drop-down menu and press “Add Network.” A list of blockchains will now be displayed. Search “Fantom Opera” and hit “Add” to view the chain’s data. If it is not available, you will have to enter it manually. These are the details that you should provide in the boxes: write “Fantom” in the Network Name box; Chain ID is “250”; in the Explorer space, key in https://ftmscan.com/; Symbol should be “FTM”; and New RPC URL, enter https://rpc.ftm.tools/.

Next, hit “Approve.” The Fantom blockchain will be added to your MetaMask. So, how do you switch from Ethereum Mainnet to Fantom? Just click the “Switch to Fantom” button. At this point, you can import all the tokens built on Fantom, including its native token FTM.

Importing Fantom-based Tokens to MetaMask

If you wish to import any Fantom token to MetaMask, go to FTMScan, locate the smart contract on the token, and then copy it. Next, press “Import Tokens” on your MetaMask wallet and paste the token’s smart contract. Details of the token will show. Now hit “Add Custom Token.” After doing this, you can transfer the token from an external source. All you have to do is copy your wallet’s address and enter it on the source. Next, specify the amount of tokens you want to send and initiate the transfer. Note that all Fantom transactions attract gas fees, so ensure you have sufficient funds to cover this cost.

Interacting With Fantom Decentralized Apps

MetaMask now operates a dApp browser within the wallet. To use it to access Fantom decentralized apps, click “Browser” on the menu bar and provide the link to the app you want to explore. The browser will direct you to the app and let you connect your MetaMask wallet.


As a MetaMask user, you are no longer limited to the Ethereum ecosystem. The wallet’s multi-chain capabilities make Exploring other ecosystems like Fantom possible.

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