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Treasure hunt is a game utilizing hints or maps to find hidden objects that may be tangible products such as toys, coins or other items. However, blockchain treasure hunts are becoming popular with the increasing adoption of blockchain technology. It uses blockchain technology’s transparency and security features to create a game everyone can play.

In this guide article, we will learn about the treasure hunt game created through blockchain technology and how to create such games for marketing.

What is NFT Treasure Hunt?

Individuals and organizations can distribute digital assets and create hype regarding their brand using an NFT treasure hunt. It resembles traditional treasure-hunting games, where players must follow clues and solve different puzzles. Players are offered different online and offline venues to complete the tasks. As the players solve these puzzles, they start earning different rewards.

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Crypto Treasure Hunt Games for Marketing

Using treasure-hunting games is an innovative way to promote a product and engage users to utilize any service. Such games help spread awareness about their business and generate revenue by engaging the audience.

The game’s developers can make it challenging and entertaining for the players by rewarding them with different rewards. Moreover, it might build trust and loyalty among the players creating a link between players and businesses.

Method for Creating NFT Scavenger Hunt

Players must solve different puzzles and riddles to uncover the nonfungible tokens they can earn as rewards. Creating an NFT scavenger hunt requires simple steps to be followed.

Creating NFTs: The user needs to mint distinct tokens that can later be used as the treasure hunt reward.

Planning the Hunt: Hide the NFTs at different places and sort out different puzzles and hints to locate them.

Determining the Rules: Set the required rules, such as point of entry, time frame and the method of choosing the winners.

Launching the Hunt: The next step is to promote the hunt through social media platforms, educating people about playing the game and winning rewards.

Monitoring the Hunt: It is essential to track the participants’ approach and ensure the winner has located the NFT.

Rewarding the Winners: The last step is to track the winners and distribute the reward among them according to the set rules.

Blockchain-Based Treasure Hunt

Incorporating nonfungible tokens in treasure hunt games is one of the ideas for promoting NFTs. Developers can use blockchain-based games for marketing purposes. If any company promoting digital art wants to raise the value of its tokens, it will initiate a blockchain-based treasure hunt. The hunt will be designed so the players can solve the puzzles related to the company’s artwork.

The hints to the puzzle will be scattered across the internet, such as different social media platforms and the company website. The players may require to buy any nonfungible token of the company before getting access to the component of the game. Therefore, companies can promote their brands by providing exciting and challenging games to consumers.

Difference Between Traditional Treasure Hunt and NFT Treasure Hunt

The traditional treasure hunt and the NFT treasure hunt differ from each other on multiple factors discussed below.

In the traditional hunt, the players are usually awarded any tangible object, whereas the NFT treasure hunt rewards the players with nonfungible tokens. Traditional hunts are located in a specific area. However, anyone can participate in the NFT hunt from any part of the world.

Traditional hunts offer limited participants and are specified in a particular area. On the other hand, NFT treasure hunts provide scalability to allow several people to participate. It might become difficult to verify the authenticity of traditional treasure hunts, whereas NFT treasure hunts can easily be verified using blockchain technology.


NFT treasure hunts can be entertaining but, at the same time, can involve multiple risks. Therefore, the players need to follow the guidelines and rules ascribed by the company and ensure all the safety measures before initiating the hunt.

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