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Luana Pinheiro – a fighter from Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) – declared to have collaborated with Bitwage to get her wages in Bitcoin. Pinheiro stated that she keeps on obtaining payments in fiat currency for the sponsors however gets them transformed into Bitcoin (BTC) instantly via Bitwage.

UFC Fighter Gets Her Salary in BTC

At the moment, Pinheiro is positioned at 15th position in her division of UFC and the titles of up to 8 consecutive fights have been won by her. The fighter mentioned that it was her choice to get her income in BTC following being encouraged on the behalf of Matheus Nicolau (her boyfriend as well as a fellow performer of mixed martial arts). Drawing a comparison between Bitcoin and jiu-jitsu (Pinheiro’s fighting style), she pointed out that she wishes to be paid in Bitcoin and is not concerned about the crypto volatility.

In her words, volatility counts as the chief factor responsible for driving asset appreciation. She asserted that in the case of not being volatile, no upsurges would be witnessed in its value either. She added that nearly ten to fifteen years are required to get a black belt in Jiu Jitsu in Brazil, hence her time preference is just like that. As per her, all the other things are just noise, and if the price of the primary crypto token gets, even more, lower she would acquire more Bitcoin to secure her future.

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Bitcoin Offers a Hedge Confronting Inflation, Says Pinheiro

The UFC fighter additionally disclosed that Bitcoin has been operating as a hedge confronting inflation – notwithstanding the movements that criticized it – for several previous years whereas fiat currencies’ purchasing power has been worsening with inflation. She elaborated that she belongs to Brazil and thus knows only 1 or 2 things about inflation as well as its impact. According to Pinheiro, in 1994 – when she was born – her country introduced the Real (Brazilian currency) and pegged it to the United States dollar in a 1:1 ratio.

She moved on to say that the respective ratio has now changed to 5 BRL equaling 1 U.S. dollar. She focused that in such inflation Bitcoin provides considerable protection. Apart from Pinheiro and Nicolau, Alex Barrett, Alex Crognale, and Achara Ifunanyachi (professional players of soccer) are also getting their salaries in Bitcoin. Many collaborations have been carried by UFC with crypto platforms as it partnered up with (a crypto exchange) in April, permitting the fighters to obtain fan rewards in Bitcoin.

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