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Polker (PKR) describes itself as a global movement powered by numerous patented protocols that enable cryptocurrency holders to utilize their funds in a multitude of financial situations. PKR is always there to provide one of the bests methods that can be used in the form of combinations and can be used alone. They are up with the best possible answers or solutions that usually exist in the numerous businesses that working on blockchain technologies.

As there are always the problems of swindles in the crypto world and it is one of the biggest issues that people and businesses lose their money, here this platform helps the businesses grow from the scratches and avoid the swindles online. They have a very well-experienced team in this field and members of multiple nationalities who all are working their best to dominate the sector of patented technologies.

Moreover, they offer the dependent auditable gameplay with the number generators for the best possible fair gameplay. Let’s have a look at the detailed Polker review.

How do Polker works?

As the blockchain industry is getting big day by day and gaining much popularity at the majority level. With such a diverse and growing industry, there are many big projects initiating day by day. A lot of the projects and websites are considered very significant for the industry but with all this, there are many websites also which are in massive frauds and that is why it has been become very difficult to distinguish the projects, which are no more than swindles from the genuine ones.

AI Trading

When there is no working proof of the project’s concepts or they are no engrossing use cases the ICOs and IDOs end by stalling. The projects that are started having the missions of “Rug Pulling” are most dangerous for the ecosystems of the cryptocurrency industry. In addition, such factors have been making this industry’s ecosystem vulnerable.

Polker comes with the two biggest options in the industry. The first one is the Gameplay protocol with the fair auditable gameplay and the second one is the protocol of number generator, which is called TRNG.

Solution by the Polker

Polker (PKR) is a digital marketplace that utilizes blockchain technology to create a secure platform for both investors and members of the community to transact with each other with no interference from external factors. The platform helps token developers who are building real-world use-cases for their cryptocurrencies. They also help to improve the value of the tokens, which in their initial stages can be quite volatile. While other platforms make it difficult for the public and investors to profit from a project’s success, the PKR platform allows users to invest in projects without risk by utilizing their tokens.

PKR addresses three concerns by eliminating these and other risks from investors and enabling a secure, trustworthy environment for new enterprises to grow in the first place:

If a project creates a minimum viable product, it is possible to establish a price floor from the very beginning and to set an initial investment amount to begin the development of suggested use cases that clients are looking for.

The most favorable outcome from interacting with quality investors is the additional funds necessary to see your project excel while maintaining full ownership and autonomy over your digital asset or token. You may choose to integrate a reputable platform like PKR into your business plan if you are using blockchain technology to create a tangible product or service.

The third and perhaps most important problem that PKR solves is the way their platform accomplishes this by effectively combining solutions one and two. For entrepreneurs, their platform lowers the risk of frauds, swindles, and rug pulls because they can readily communicate with a community of investors in multiple languages.

Most highlighted features

One of its greatest strengths is the development team’s ability to work with and improve upon Web 3.0 technologies such as MetaMask to ensure their platform offers a secure connection to other consumers who may also be working with this technology on various blockchain. This helps allow for greater flexibility when it comes down to linking blockchain together which in turn allows for broader application support and finally, direct smart contract interaction across multiple chains at no additional cost!

The PKR platform is enabled by the latest in technological advances, and its ability to accurately identify manipulations in the market place whether they be intentional or unintentional. With Crypto Kitties, for example, prices increased dramatically due to an unintentional glitch, which later ruined several people’s fun. This platform will make sure that no large stakes are lost but only to those who are attempting to cheat the system.

Once you have all this information readily available, it is up to you as a user on how far you are willing to go with it. however, their platform will help give you the tools necessary so that you don’t have to worry about complex technical terms and can easily understand them should you so choose.

When comparing cryptocurrencies, it is important to also look at their comparable fiat value as well as the increase/decrease in regards to one’s preferred FIAT currency. The PKR protocol is designed to gather all of the most current price data from around the globe and offers all users to readily compare data in their respective local currencies.

The PKR platform has one of the most advanced multi-cryptocurrency trading platforms in the world. It is built on top of cryptocurrencies and allows users to trade, hold, stake, and play with a plethora of digital currencies in a single interface with other players across different industries. This helps encourage an ecosystem wherein complex cross-chain ecosystems powered by smart contracts are easily managed on a single platform.

  • Token of PKR

PKR is a digital utility token that is compliant with BEP-2, TRC-20, and ERC-20. This means that PKR can be traded on the Ethereum network through a multitude of crypto exchanges and supported wallets. The great thing about this is that it enables the cross-chain economy that is envisioned by the project, which will allow people to trade, buy and produce items – in turn opening the safe global marketplace of goods to any person who wishes to participate within it and making use of PKR as a currency to do so.

By trading with the PKR Ecosystem, any player, organization, corporation, or person can gain access to Polker’s proprietary technology and boost their experiences. The PKR Token enables game developers and platform owners to easily integrate their in-game services directly into the Ethereum blockchain. This allows players to access in-game services through a single marketplace that is easy to use, rewarding and transparent.

  • Compatibility with cross-chain

Ironically, as the popularity of Ethereum increases and more tokens are released on its platform, gas costs have increased. As a result, users have begun to experience limitations with their transactions. Some argue that this will become increasingly burdensome as separate tokens utilize the technology for transactions. To ensure that PKR could accomplish what it wanted to, the project transferred its Cryptocurrency to other networks with lower costs — such as ERC-20 tokens (Blockchains written in Solidity.)

Binance has recently upgraded its token management platform to the Binance Chain. This allows Binance’s team to work on more complicated processes (like managing multiple tokens). So now, all of TRX and ETH’s trading pairs will be paired 1:1. What this means is that if you want 20 ETH, it will cost you 20 ETH and vice versa. This feature is made available across other networks, like Tron.

Add other layers of support (L1 and L2) on top of the existing token using technologies that are built to be more advanced. This would provide for a higher quality product as well as more options for people when it comes to the variety of PKR tokens available.

  • Auditable Gameplay

This system for multi-player gaming, when combined with other types of systems, can provide an immersive experience. To illustrate a scenario they will use the new game where players move from checkpoint to checkpoint. When they reach a checkpoint, they must role-play by rolling dice to determine what direction to take next. If you are unsatisfied with the roll, you may try again, but if you continue to roll poorly over time, your character will lose interest in that specific adventure and might have to find another way home!

If six players are at the checkpoint for a game with Provably Fair Auditable Gameplay and roll a number that is divisible by three, any player can verify or audit the gameplay of the previous rounds to ensure that the game is being played fairly.

With PKR’s Multi Crypto Marketplace protocol, all players are entitled to buy new choices from the in-game marketplace. This can be done at a low cost while maximizing the level of security and tokenization of the Gambling ecosystem.

When the elements are combined, they provide a safe platform to conduct smart, auditable betting and allow players to take control. This, together with support for various cryptocurrencies, enables PKR to achieve its vision by offering a secure solution so that new participants and established industry stalwarts alike can enjoy this online wagering experience.

  • Versatile

The PKR token was created in an ERC-20 and TRC-20 format, allowing it to be compatible across multiple chains.

  • Transparency

Assured fairness is the name of the game at PKR. You can rest assured that games comply with PKR’s fair system so all your bets will be verifiable, even on mobile devices and other platforms.

  • Comprehensive

This involves holding, staking, holding multiple crypto assets, as well as participating in dicing games, which will all lead to growing your holdings!

  • Encouraged

PKR rewards holders with a generous APY for wagering their tokens. They also guarantee the ownership stakes you purchase will earn real-world value from proactively collaborating with projects that are already successful and provide clear ROI to their token holders.

Tokenomics of Polker

A total of 100,000,000 tokens will be allotted for this initial coin offering (ICO). Out of 100 million PKR tokens, 69.415 million are currently available for trading on the open market.

Price Prediction

Crypto defrauding has reached a new high where it is estimated that $14 billion was lost to crypto-related crimes in the year 2021. New project Polker has decided that they are going to decrease this issue by offering a feature within the Polker platform, which will make crypto swindles not only common but also impossible with polite requests to never attempt it again. This is just one example of how Polker not only brings direct value but also improves the crypto space for everyone and can take them to the moon!

Another superb feature of the Polker project is its provably fair auditable gameplay. This characteristic ensures only true winners are awarded prizes and that scammers cannot gain an advantage. Considering how immensely popular play-to-earn blockchain games have become, it is unlikely such a game would ever really take off without providing players a way to verify the credibility of their data.

Since this is the case, Polker will prove in due time to be much more worth it than other projects as people realize its crucial features thus increasing demand as well as its value as an investment earning people dividends from holding onto their tokens!

$0.08427 is the price of Polker, which is considered 85 percent low when it was on the $0.561223. Before six months, they have launched their tokens, and that PKR token has gained a value of over 180%. In addition before two months, they have achieved the worth $0.561223 all-time high. It is the exact time when the ATH of Bitcoin hits $69,000. As there is always, the race of the recovery of the largest cryptocurrencies in the large world of crypto PKR is performing the same behavior.

Some of the experts who do the technical analysis and fundamental analysis say that the Break of ATH and the scaling of Bitcoin to reach more than one many times appreciate PKR token. However, this can only become possible there if highly volatile changes occur in the market of the crypto, and it becomes very difficult to predict the potential gaining of the PKR tokens.

Game of Polker

Polker game is the NFT game that is played to earn the crypto coins that are powered by the PKR. Like many other big games Unreal engine is been utilized in this game for the immersive user experience of this gameplay. PKR always works didactically for the best possible user experience. Moreover, they have the casino game in which they have been providing the best visuals possible with customizable aesthetics and the best social features.

In addition, as mentioned before the Random number generator and the Auditable gameplay are been integrated into the games to allow only fair play and it also makes it auditable independently. So join the NFT games today and never miss any chance to earn the profits without any issue and full transparency without any risk.

Team of Polker

Their team are always been working on the solutions of the On-chain, they have always been dedicated to their work and well-focused. Some of the well-reputed and core team members of the Polker are the following:

Cannon Thacker is the managing director and co-founder of Polker. Hector Mayorga is also the co-founder and the gaming chief. They have Elliot Schecter who is their casino logic director working along with Jesse Paul who is the gaming operational chief. They have a long team of experts who are experts you can check the whole team with complete profile portfolios on their website. They have team members of almost all related niches such as the smart contracts developer as well as the best graphic designers.


PKR is been working in more than 200 countries powered by Patent technologies. Hey, are been listed over the Coin market cap and Coin Gecko also. PKR is using the SHA-256 hashing technique, which means how much they have a secure platform. 256-bit hashing means more than 100 supercomputers working day and night working for many years continually to crack this encryption, which completely shows that it is inaccessible.

The PKR set of protocols encourages trustless interactions within centralized platforms. Protocol 1 implements a combination of SHA-256 hashing and on-chain smart contract interaction while Protocol 2 uses a deterministic seeded contract, which can be independent, audited via revealed Transaction ID (TXIDs) and platform seeds. Users can audit gameplay and randomness, removing the element of trust that is often required by centralized entities. It allows players to audit all aspects for themselves instead of having to rely on their subjective views.

This all thing sets the PKR unique in the market. Therefore, the PKR has an immersive and best every gameplay experience with the best fair gameplay audits and TRNGs, which collectively makes them leading in the industry, which is powered by the patented technology. They are comprehensive and well transparent which provides fair and auditable gameplay.

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