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A judge in Columbia recently ruled over the first judicial hearing in the metaverse. One of the many positives the court said about this technological advancement was that the meeting hosted in the metaverse space feels more authentic than a standard video conference.

Colombian Court Utilizing The Metaverse

According to reports, January 15, 2023, was a historic day in Columbia. It was the first time the Colombia Magdalena Administrative Court would convene a court case in the metaverse space.

Participants in the metaverse court case were individuals who had been involved in a disagreement regarding traffic. In the metaverse, a local transportation union brought charges against the police of that area.

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The charges were said to have lasted for two hours. The issue was not resolved and continued in the metaverse. Also, the court chose to rule on the case in the metaverse.

Like a normal metaverse feature, the participant had options to choose their modes of appearance, which they did by occupying the virtual courtroom in their respective avatars.

On the other hand, Maria Quinones Triana, the magistrate, customized his avatar to appear in the courtroom dressed like an actual judge. His avatar wore black robes that were appropriate for the hearing.

It has been asserted that Columbia is one of the first nations in the world to experiment with holding legal processes within the metaverse. Moreover, several sources support this claim.

Remarking on the experience, judge Quinones described the encounter as having a more genuine sensation than a video talk.

Metaverse And Social Behavior

His comments affirm a recent study performed and published by CoinWire recently. The study showed that 69 percent of the survey participants think the metaverse will change social behavior in the long run.

They opined people would spend their free time and perform their activities in new ways. Hackl, a prominent metaverse enthusiast, says that if we consider this, the metaverse will significantly affect how we interact with each other.

Participants tested out different things in the “metaverse” during the latest World Economic Forum, which took place in Davos, Switzerland. They participated in the “World Collaboration Village,” a term for the forum’s 3-dimensional immersive digital session.

Participants attended these sessions during the entirety of the conference.

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