AI Trading is currently the most talked about Web3 project. The decentralized social network makes the tokenization of user identity possible. While this is a unique concept, many users only want to know how they can earn passively on This guide explains how to get started with the Web3 social network and begin earning.

How Do You Earn on

Every user account on is considered a social token, allowing other users to invest in it. For example, if your friend John shares content you like, you can purchase shares (keys) of John’s account. As more users continue buying the shares of that account, their price surges, allowing you to book profits.

Quick Ways of Earning From

AI Trading

The recommended way to make money from is to acquire early shares of user accounts that you believe have the potential to grow. There are social network bots that help users track and buy shares on their behalf. Moreover, if you’ve got a huge following on, you can generate revenue from fees collected when someone trades your shares.

How to Set Up a Account

To start making money on, you need to create an account and have your wallet ready. You can use the decentralized social media platform on a mobile or a desktop. This guide will show you how to use it on your mobile phone.

How to Download and Install on a SmartPhone

At the moment, is only compatible with the mobile Safari browser. Therefore, you must first download and install this browser. After that, type on the URL box and search. Once the social media platform opens, click “Add to Home Screen.” The icon will then appear on your home screen. Now open it and enter your email. Note that is still in an invite-only phase. Therefore, you will be required to provide an invite code. You can enter any of these two: ft-4n05k2hh or ft-4rrbbn4f.

Once this is done, the next step is to link your Twitter account with your newly created account. After that, the account will be ready for use. It comes with a wallet requiring a minimum deposit of 0.01 ETH before you begin to buy shares.

How to Fund Your Wallet

When funding your wallet, there are a few things you should note. One, understand that runs on the Base network, an Ethereum scaling solution. Therefore, using your Base depositing address to transfer ETH to your wallet is advisable. That’s because there have been scenarios where some users send ETH via the Ethereum mainnet, and the funds don’t reflect in their wallets.

How to Bridge ETH From Ethereum Mainnet to the Base Network

Is your MetaMask wallet holding ETH tokens on the Ethereum mainnet? Here is how you can bridge them to Base. Firstly, you need a bridge. There are several, including Orbiter Finance and Synapse. We will use the former in this guide.

Visit and connect your MetaMask wallet. Pick ETH as the token to be bridged. In the “From” box, choose Ethereum; in “To,” select Base. Enter the amount of ETH you wish to bridge and click “Send.” Note that you will incur some gas fees.

Your Base ETH should arrive in your MetaMask wallet within 45 seconds. Now switch networks: From Ethereum to Base, and enter your’s depositing wallet address to transfer the ETH. Once the token reaches your wallet, you can start exploring the new accounts on the social network and buy shares in those you love.

How to Withdraw Funds From

You are now earning on, so how do you withdraw your earnings? Here is how: The earnings will be in the form of ETH. Withdrawing this token from your wallet is simple. Just visit the “Withdraw” tab and input the amount of ETH you want to withdraw. Afterward, go to your MetaMask wallet, copy your Base depositing address for ETH, and paste it into the “Enter Address” box in the’s Withdraw tab. Next, press “Transfer.” Expect your ETH earnings to arrive in your MetaMask within a few minutes.

Conclusion is offering a new way for crypto users to earn passively by capitalizing on their social media influence or investing in promising user accounts. However, it is worth highlighting that the shares you buy are subject to high volatility, so invest responsibly.

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