A Beginner Guide to Understanding Notcoin 
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NOT is life, and it is this year’s major token unveiling. However, Notcoin is not over. This is what to anticipate in the game’s future.

Over the last few months, Notcoin, a Telegram-founded game, has attracted the attention of several players. It has racked up 35 million players and attained a peak of six million everyday active users. 

The game was developed by Open Builders and is based on the Telegram application. Soon, it plans to have a token on The Open Network (TON). 

Earlier, the founder revealed that the team believes it is an exceptional means to fairly distribute tokens to community members. However, there are larger-scale ambitions ahead. 

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Crypto rewards could motivate players to exploit a golden coin in a messaging application. This guideline explains Notcoin.

An Explanation of Notcoin 

Notcoin involves a social-based clicker game. Players intending to benefit from in-game coins can open the Telegram application. They would then click the Notcoin bot and urge friends to join the game.

A gold coin is later displayed on the screen, and one must tap it to earn Notcoin, an in-game currency. Further, one will get limited energy that diminishes and later refills gradually over time, so clicking infinitely without barriers is impossible.

As players earn more Notcoin, they move up a global leaderboard split into different levels, from Silver to Diamond league. Additional tokens can be earned by fulfilling quests that entail actions, such as being part of the Telegram community.

Players can utilize power-ups or ‘boosts’ to boost their earning potential. The free boosts that refresh every day include the ‘Turbo’ and ‘Full Energy’ boosts. 

Players can use their Notcoin to purchase extra permanent boosts. These incentives permit players to boost the number of coins they earn for every tap and the energy they can use at once. Additionally, there is an Auto-Tap bot that amasses coins while one is away.

Players can utilize the Notcoin earned to buy cosmetic upgrades to alter the game’s background or the appearance of the coin they are tapping.

On April 1, the game concluded its ‘mining phase,’ meaning that playing the game and earning awards is impossible when a person opens the Notcoin application in Telegram. 

The functionality is anticipated to come back soon after Not Token’s unveiling on May 16.

What is the NOT token?

On May 16, the NOT token went live on The Open Network (TON), the network originally founded by Telegram. Players could claim a NOT allocation based on the mined in-game tokens.

Major exchanges such as OKX, Binance, and Bybit listed the token on the first day, and OKX and Binance ran staking reward campaigns, jointly rewarding their clients with more than 4 billion NOT. To acquire rewards, Binance clients staked more than $14B.

So far, Notcoin is this year’s biggest crypto gaming token unveiling, and its market capitalization peaked at almost $1.5B on the unveiling day. This figure is more than double the peak of Pixels (PIXEL), its runner-up. NOT also witnessed trading volumes of more than $1B within several hours on the first trading day.

Notcoin has amassed more than $1B of trading volume since the beginning of the year and intends to change the numerous virtual coins mined into a real crypto token on TON.

Pre-market Vouchers

Leading up to the airdrop, the Notcoin team unveiled an NIFT voucher program. Players with more than 100 million Notcoin can change their Notcoin into NFT vouchers.

The vouchers can be purchased, sold, or traded prior to NOT’s actual unveiling, permitting players to speculate on the actual token’s ultimate price. The token is live, permitting players with NFT vouchers to cash in to acquire the specified NOT amount.

End Thoughts

Notcoin’s gameplay remains paused for a few days following the token’s unveiling. However, it is resuming, although with some hurdles.

The coin-tapping game will be revived and financed by firms intending to gain exposure to a significant audience created by Notcoin.

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