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With the continuous growth of the cryptocurrency market is coming constant developments in crypto-blockchain technology. No matter the cryptocurrency firm or startup, every single entity is coming up with something new to offer.

If a cryptocurrency or blockchain firm is already operational, then it is aiming to add more products to its portfolio. One of the most surprising things about cryptocurrency firms is that they all have something new to offer to the industry.

This is the reason why every single firm currently holding fundraisers belonging to the crypto-space is reporting successful conclusions of the rounds. This is the reason why the majority of the firms in the crypto-space seem to be getting a boost as they carry out a fundraiser.

This time, it is another firm belonging to the cryptocurrency space that has reported a successful funding round. The name of the firm is Valkyrie, which a prominent cryptocurrency asset manager. The firm is also known to be a proponent of the Bitcoin (BTC) Exchange Traded Funds (ETF).

AI Trading

According to the firm, it has recently concluded a successful funding round. Valkyrie Investments has confirmed that it was a Series A Funding round and one of its kind for the platform. As a result of the successfully funding round it held, the firm has managed to raise quite a sum of $10 million.

This is yet another demonstration of the amount of interest that the investors have in cryptocurrency firms that have the potential to grow above the mediocre level.

With the passage of time, investors from different spaces are moving to cryptocurrencies because of their potential and ability to bring in huge gains in a short amount of time.

Among other prominent investors in the funding round was an entrepreneur, well known in the cryptocurrency industry, Charlie Lee. Then were other firms such as 10X Capital, Consolidated Trading, UTXO Management, BTC Media, and XBTO.

In addition to the above, there was CJ Wilson, a former pitcher from the Major League Baseball. Then there was the founder of Tron, Justin Sun, who also participated as an investor in the funding round.

Leah Wald, the Chief Executive Officer at Valkyrie and a veteran from the World Bank, has talked about the significance of the funding round. According to Wald, Valkyrie is focused on widening the service availability of their platform to more investors. They are targeting different firms and bringing in more investors to the cryptocurrency industry.

She remarked on the Valkyrie platform by stating that their firm is research-driven and is fully managed in all major/minor aspects. This makes their firm an ultimate source of providing the best of the best products and services to investors, no matter which sector or space they belong to.

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