Monday, April 12, 2021
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Anthony Pompliano Says Warren Buffett Can Buy the Whole Bitcoin in Circulation, CZ Binance Reacts

The Co-founder at Morgan Creek Digital, Anthony Pompliano, who is a stern Bitcoin (BTC) maximalist, has sparked a debate on Twitter, after asserting that...

Brendan Blumer: EOS WPS Is Powerful When Utilizing Democratized Consensus

The CEO of, Brendan Blumer has stressed the capability of the EOS Worker Proposal System (WPS) when it comes to utilizing democratized consensus. He... CEO Brendan Blumer Discusses Full Decentralization with Vitalik Buterin

The co-founder and CEO of, Brendan Blumer recently went into a discussion about full decentralization with the co-founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin. The two...

Brendan Blumer Commends Power of Decentralization after EOS Community’s Action over Network Inflation

The co-founder and CEO of, Brendan Blumer has recently commended the power of decentralization after learning that the community has passed the proposal...

Brendan Blumer Expresses Support for Wuhan in the Middle of Coronavirus Outbreak CEO Brendan Blumer has expressed his support for the populace of Wuhan, as efforts to curtail coronavirus outbreak continue. The cryptocurrency community as a... CEO Condemns Ethereum for Crowdfunding to Attack Crypto Projects, Justin Sun Follows Suit co-founder and CEO, Brendan Blumer, has recently condemned Ethereum for crowdfunding to directly attack other cryptocurrency projects. An article published on a major... CEO Brendan Blumer Hints about Integrating EOS Token into Voice

EOS ecosystem awaits the launch of Voice beta on 14th February 2020, and the Voice Team members are not relenting in their strife to... Refutes FUD about Voice’s Launch on EOS, Announces Date to Release Voice Beta

EOSGO has a couple of hours ago published a release to refute the trending FUD claiming that Voice won’t launch ON EOS. In the...

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