Wednesday, March 3, 2021
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MoneyGram CEO to Speak about Partnership with Ripple on CNN

The popular money transfer giant and Ripple's partner, MoneyGram has just announced that its CEO, Alex Holmes will be in a scheduled interview on...

Ripple’s XRP Could Attain $28 in the Next Bull Cycle –Crypto Expert

A crypto trader and chart specialist, identified as D.I.Y Investing on Twitter recently predicted $28 for the digital token XRP by 2020, when another...

Verge (XVG) Goes Live on eFIN DEX Exchange with a TokenPay (TPAY) Pairing

Verge (XVG), the 64th largest digital currency by market capitalization is now live on eFIN DEX cryptocurrency exchange, a tor network proof-of-keys, multi-chain, cross-protocol,...

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