Blockchain Unveils New DEX Platform,, the world’s first decentralized carbon credit finance protocol, has unveiled, a new Decentralised Exchange (DEX). Meanwhile, has been focused on creating its latest DEX.

As a result, the protocol has been consistently upgrading, purchasing, and building solutions that will have a long-term influence inside its ecosystem.

The KyotoSwap Launchpad 

According to reports, intends to provide permanent features in its DEX by standardizing extra functionality and utility on key fundamentals. This action will ensure the stabilization of all underlying assets in the DEX.

Notably, does not believe in the standardization of generic DEX. Instead, the protocol believes that DEX can offer distinctive and advanced utility for users.

Furthermore, KyotoSwap promised to keep integrating many useful functionalities for its ecosystem members and participate in other useful initiatives. For example, one major feature of KyotoSwap is the KyotoSwap Launchpad.

This feature will allow projects to expand their functionality without owning a custom DEX. In addition, the platform has several user incentives, such as marketing and in-house development assistance.

In addition, there would be auditing services for positive impact products developing on the network. Existing projects can also contribute extra liquidity or integrate their liquidity with

Doing so has several benefits, such as the option to keep fees, high-security liquidity management, and variable trading taxes. In addition, noted that all liquidity moved to are safe.

Benefits Of The KyotoSwap Blockchain

Meanwhile, KyotoSwap is a DEX for those who wish to contribute to a positive change in the world at no extra cost. The crew has always trusted in the sustainability of its roadmap.

Hence, they keep producing new on-chain solutions that support the long-term aim of using blockchain solutions to have a beneficial effect. will concentrate on establishing a system where projects may trade and advertise their currency.

In addition, the blockchain will provide an environment where anyone can use DEX positively. Assets on the new DEX will promote environmental initiatives.

Besides, the blockchain will donate 20% of its fees to eco-friendly causes like environmental clean-ups, planting of trees, and other charitable activities. can generate revenue from different sources like listing fees, trading fees, raffles, and integrated Launchpad.’s goal is to create a platform connecting users using multi-chain capability.

This platform will close the gap between DeFi and the Kyoto Blockchain. In addition, is building another sub-sector within the DeFi industry called Regenerative Finance.

George Ward

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