Editorial Policy

At Herald Sheets, we strive to supply our readers with firsthand updates, detailed interview, and price analysis. Everything shall be made available in well-written and comprehensible articles.  We set a target of becoming the lead and most trustworthy channel in cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.

Our Aim and Objective

Obviously, fear, uncertainty, and doubt abound in the cryptocurrency sphere, that’s why we aim at keeping our growing readers informed about the most recent happenings in the ecosystem. Our objective is to work passionately in order to come out with accurate reports and sincere market reviews for the benefit of the readers and the industry at large.

Copyright and Credit

At Herald Sheets, we fervently abide by the order of Journalism. One of our major cultures is to make all our contents undergo rigorous plagiarism check before publishing. Any story that has once been published by other crypto and tech news media attract due credit to the original source without hesitation. We majorly follow trustworthy and authoritative news outlets such as CoinDesk, Bloomberg, Forbes, CoinMarketCap and the likes.

Fair Reporting with No Favoritism

At Herald Sheets, we welcome updates whatsoever from our readers and observers, in order to report it appropriately. We are obliged to accurately report new or existing projects and scheduled events related to the industry.

As for favoring a particular or many projects – it’s a complete turnoff at Herald Sheets. We decide what to report without giving way to any external influence. If we write about any project, it’s meant for informational purposes rather than promotion. All written articles contain the opinions of their authors.

No Unfounded Update Is Tolerated

It is the responsibility of our editorial team to patiently check the real fact behind each article before publishing. This is necessarily done to do away with any biased opinion or unfounded information. At Herald Sheets, we don’t tolerate false information. However, we are humans and bound to make mistakes sometimes, but we always acknowledge them for proper correction.