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AFL Planning
AFL Planning

Trading in the financial markets is a lucrative opportunity for people and one that has become more accessible than ever these days. There was a time when there were a lot of barriers that prevented many from dipping their toes in these markets, unless they were willing to make a full-fledged career out of it. Today, even people with regular 9 to 5 jobs and with zero experience or trading knowledge can step into the market and do it from anywhere. This is all because technology has changed the name of the game and now online trading is one of the biggest trends that can be found.

The financial markets have experienced an influx of people due to online trading and this resulted in the increase in demand for brokers to cater to their needs. Therefore, when you begin looking for one, you will discover that there are a multitude of companies that are currently offering their services in this space. You definitely wouldn’t have any difficulty in finding options, but sorting through them is a different ball game altogether. A number of them appear to be similar due to the nature of their services and this can make it quite confusing.

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What should you prioritize when selecting a broker? What should be your reasons to sign up with them? You will be asking yourself these questions when you come across AFL Planning which is currently offering its trading services in more than 50 countries around the globe. Its credentials are quite impressive and it seems to be gaining a stronghold quickly, but what makes it a better option than the rest? Some of the top reasons are highlighted below:

Its extensive asset index

The purpose of considering trading in the financial markets is to make a profit. Everyone wants to make money, but this can only happen when you are trading the right instruments. Where will you find these instruments? It is the job of the broker you choose to give you access and the assets that are available vary from broker to broker. AFL Planning has created an extensive asset index that comprises of some of the best instruments from various financial markets. This provides you the opportunity of diversifying your investment portfolio, which can mitigate the inherent trading risks, and also maximizes the profits.

AFL Planning
AFL Planning

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You will be able to access some of the biggest markets via AFL Planning, as they have more than 250 instruments available. The most notable ones are:

Stock: If there is one market that has always been associated with trading, it is the stock market where you trade stocks of global companies. You can trade shares of bigwigs like Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Tesla, Alibaba, VISA, Coca Cola, Twitter, Barclays and more.

Forex: With its daily trading volume exceeding $5 trillion, the forex market is known as the world’s largest financial market. There are numerous currency pairs to be traded and AFL Planning has added some of the most volatile ones for helping you earn high profits. These include USD/CAD, GBP/JPY, EUR/GBP, AUD/NZD, NZD/CHF, GBP/USD and EUR/USD, amongst others.

Indices: While the stock market deals with individuals tocks, the indices market focuses on baskets of stocks from different industries. The S&P 500, DOW JONES, FTSE 100 and DAX 30 are a few of the choices you will find.

Cryptocurrencies: If you are looking for more volatility, the cryptocurrency market has become synonymous with it. There are some hefty profits to be enjoyed here and you will be able to trade top options like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin with AFL Planning.

Commodities: Another category that can be checked out is that of commodity market, one of the oldest financial markets that exists. Precious metals like gold, silver and palladium make up hard commodities. Agricultural products like wheat, coffee, rice and soybeans are soft ones. Natural gas and crude oil are also part of the mix.

Its trading solutions

If there is one thing that can affect your whole trading experience with a broker, it is the trading solutions you are provided. This refers to the trading software they incorporate because it is what you use for executing your trades and where you are provided with the tools needed. There is no set criteria to be followed in this regard and it is up to the company to decide what kind of solutions they wish to offer. When you check out AFL Planning trading solutions, you will come to know that they have developed their own platform and it is a web-based one.

This means that they have eliminated the downloading and installation requirements associated with desktop platforms and this can simplify your experience. The best part is that AFL Planning has made no compromises in technology or features at all and are still able to provide an easy-to-use trading solution to their clients. They have used cutting-edge technology and combined it with a highly intuitive user interface to ensure there are no problems. Thanks to the technology, the platform is able to offer fast trade execution, allowing traders to make the most of their trading.

You will also find a feature-rich environment at your disposal, which means that some of the most advanced trading tools have been added by AFL Planning. You can make use of fundamental and technical analysis tools, live charts and graphs, risk management tools like stop loss and take profit, trading signals, price alerts, a market calendar and even custom indicators to help. The combination of such tools can be extremely useful for traders and help them in maximizing the opportunities.

Along with this web trading platform, you will discover that a mobile platform has also been added by AFL Planning. This provides traders the flexibility of being able to trade on the go. You can be anywhere and still be able to control your account and manage your trades without any hassle.

AFL Planning User registration |
AFL Planning User registration |

Its quick registration

The thought of registering with a broker is often intimidating to traders because there could be all sorts of requirements attached. Plus, you don’t know how long it will take and this can only add to the frustration. Luckily, AFL Planning has kept their registration quick and easy, which makes it a great reason to use their services. To initiate the registration process, you need to go to their website and on the top right corner, you will see the Open Account option. When you click on it, you will be taken to a form that you have to complete.

What does the form ask? You will have to enter your first name, last name, an email address, password, phone number and your country. You will also agree to the Terms & Conditions outlined by AFL Planning, which you can find on their website with ease. Once you do, you can click on submit and this is where your registration will be complete. It doesn’t even take you five minutes to register with the company and you will be able to move onto the process of choosing an account.

The various executive accounts

Every broker requires traders to open an account to be able to use their services and it is used for storing their personal information, trading history, their finances and other relevant information. Most companies offer several account options to their clients, considering the fact that every trader may have a different risk appetite, capital and trading style. But, most of them don’t go beyond three options and this is where AFL Planning stands out. They have developed five executive accounts for facilitating their traders, which offer a lot more flexibility than you would get otherwise.

They have the Silver account for newcomers in the markets, so it starts with a low deposit of €10,000. This account offers a leverage of 1:20, charges 10% fees and charges on profits, gives a bonus of 20% has a senior broker, 4 trading sessions per month and offers trading signals. The Gold account is for beginners with some experience, so it asks for €25,000 in deposit. The leverage is increased to 1:40, trading sessions are 5 to 6, monthly cashback is given, a money management plan is included, welcome bonus is 40%, there are daily market reviews and 1-on-1 education course, along with 1 weekly managed session.

To accommodate the intermediate traders, AFL Planning has added the Platinum account option and this one can be opened with €100,000. 8 to 10 trading sessions, 1:60 leverage, expert broker, fees and charges on profits at 9%, a premium trading room, 60% bonus and 2 to 3 weekly managed sessions are provided. The Diamond account is for skilled and advanced traders, so they can make a deposit of €250,000. They get 12 to 15 trading sessions, 1:100 leverage, top broker, 7% fees and charges on profits, 80% welcome bonus and 4 weekly managed sessions.

AFL Planning final account option is called VIP and it is for, as the name indicates, VIP traders. Therefore, the deposit is hefty at €500,000. As far as features are concerned, it includes daily weekly managed sessions, 120% welcome bonus, 1:150 leverage, a special team of brokers, 5% charges and fees on profits and unlimited trading sessions. If traders end up having net deposits of more than €1,000,000, there is also a Royal Club available, which comes with special privileges.

These five reasons are good enough for anyone to consider signing up with AFL Planning. But, if you are looking for more, you will be pleased to discover that the company has worked on their customer support as well. Their website provides detailed and upfront information about all their services, but if you have any queries, you can contact their support through numerous channels. If you have any technical problem, they will resolve it quickly and are available 24/6. Apart from that, they also provide access to lots of learning and educational material to their clients.

You will be able to watch videos, take courses, attend webinars and get instructed by experts. AFL Planning goal is to provide you with a smooth trading experience and they have added all features necessary for doing so.

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